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Karim Iliya

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Protecting the delicate ecosystems on earth through the documentation of threatened animals is Karim's passion. His humpback whale and aerial photography has been published in National Geographic Magazine.

His photography is a process of resting in and observing the natural world and amazing life around him. The effort, time, care, and energy that goes into each creation is exceptional.

Commission a Piece

His photography can be printed in various sizes on high quality glossy photo aluminum, metal, with a float mount ready to hang. The float mount gives a little space from the wall and can be hung without framing, or a frame can be added. Images can also be printed on high quality fine art photo paper, ready to be framed at your local framer.

As a successful nature videographer you may choose to view or request him for a project:

Nature Love

When Karim is not creating artwork he enjoys free diving, surfing, windsurfing, flying drones, camping, and taking small groups to Tonga to dance with whales.

Responses about Karim's work

This is incredible! Stunning!
Hey Karim. Thank you for sharing your work. This photograph is one of my favorite images, ever!
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