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Shannon E McCarthy

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Shannon challenges all of us to consider what we buy, take, and use every day and how our choices affect the oceans and life on planet earth.

Her mosaic artwork is created through beach clean ups, ocean plastic trash collection, drawing out an original design, cutting the ocean plastic into mural pieces, and building each piece. The effort, time, care, and energy that goes into each creation is exceptional.

Commission a Piece

She has created large educational murals with students, schools, and communities. A member of Sustainable Coastlines, she has supported numerous beach clean ups and educational events. Her art pieces are composed of plastic marine debris found on the shores of The Hawaiian Islands. She also creates pieces and works with clean ups along California's coastline.

Ocean Lover

When Shannon is not creating artwork she supports an organic farm, enjoys her stand up paddle board, surfs, and attends environmental conferences.

Responses about Shannon's work

So, most people see trash on the beach and get depressed, you go “Yay! Red and yellow!”

- Manny

So proud to have your spectacular art and passion for our oceans as part of the International SplashTrash ArtExpos.

- Bette

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